Matt Walker

Regional Manager

NMLS #103817

Direct: (385) 236-0021

Branch: 385-236-0021

Fax: 385-236-0015

"...the bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten." - Benjamin Franklin.

Otherwise known as "you get what you pay for". :p

My first run-in with this principle came on a trip to Tijuana with my family when I was 17.  As we walked in one of the open-air markets we were besieged by vendors trying to woo us with toothy smiles and slick sales pitches.  It wasn't long before the glint of gold on an "authentic" Gucci watch caught my eye.  And for only $20 (Canadian) it could be mine.  The same watch would cost thousands back home!  

I bought it.  And soon understood why my dad had laughed...:p

"Lowest rates."
"Push-button approvals."
"A mortgage has never been easier."

The big money in our industry is blanketing the airwaves and internet with these ideas, simplifying the mortgage process down to nothing more than an interest rate you window shop for.  Like a pair of shoes.   

It's not.

My wife recently joined me in the office to help out.  Not long after diving in she declared with some shock that doing a mortgage was an insane combination of attorney and engineer.  Attorneys and engineers might disagree, ha, but doing a mortgage right demands an incredible amount of expertise and organization.

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